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Current Status Update

ProctorU is fully operational at this time. We are currently not forecasting any disruption to our online proctoring services for any of our clients.

Over the past several years, ProctorU has built a distributed platform and workforce in anticipation of potential natural disasters that could impact one or more physical locations. We continue to closely monitor the situation around the globe and will post additional updates as needed. Stay safe and healthy. For more information on COVID-19, we have posted additional resources here.

last updated 4.1.2020

Technology that Crushes Brick and Mortar Test Centers

Protect Your Credibility

Deter, detect and prevent dishonest behavior to preserve the value of your program.

Save Money as You Grow

Remove the burden of costly physical infrastructure without sacrificing security.

Test Any Time, Anywhere

We stay up late so your test-takers have the freedom to test when it’s convenient from any where in the world.

Protect Any Online Exam

Remote proctoring powered by AI, supported by human intervention.


Record+ is a fully-automated identity verification and session recording solution for low-stakes assessments in which administrators are not concerned with active intervention during a session.


Review+ is great for lower-to mid-stakes assessments combining an automated ID verification and launch process with artificial intelligence behavior monitoring and professional proctor review.


Live+ is the most secure option for any online exam, but essential for high-stakes programs looking to maintain integrity and credibility and when active intervention to stop suspicious behavior is necessary.


Over 1000 Institutions Put Their Reputations in Our Hands

What Sets Us Apart


Security measured by outcomes, not just features.

  • Monthly analytics reports
  • Test-taker satisfaction surveys
  • Watch test-takers complete exams in real-time
  • Committed to industry accreditation and compliance


Fits into your existing system.

  • LMS & exam delivery integrations
  • Robust API
  • Partnerships with major content providers
  • Streamlined exam creation process


Here to help you when you need it most.

  • Free technical support for test-takers
  • Dedicated account manager for every admin
  • Exam facilitator hotline
  • 500+ service and support staff


Helping you start out on the right foot.

  • Structured onboarding process
  • Review and development of integrity policies
  • Ongoing training always available as your program grows
  • Customizable to your unique needs

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