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Live+ is a great option for any online exam, but essential for high-stakes programs looking to maintain integrity and credibility. This full-service solution gives administrators more oversight and less hands-on responsibility. With professionally-trained live proctors monitoring every session and active intervention into cheating behaviors, you can expect less than 1% of all exams to require admin review. That gives you more time to focus on other things.

Exams and Assessments That Work Best With Live+

Live+ is great for any online assessment, but ideal for high-stakes exams or certifications where active intervention during a session is necessary. Click on the icons below to learn more.

Higher Ed exams and quizzes
Industry certifications & credentials
Pre-employment assessments
Corporate training certifications
Government and state regulatory exams
K-12 exams and quizzes

Many faculty use Live+ for highest stakes assessments, such as midterms and finals, to make sure every student has a consistent, secure testing experience with no unfair advantages. Faculty enjoy peace of mind and students benefit from the convenience of testing from home.

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What You Can Expect With Live+

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Exam Launch With a Live Proctor

Live proctors guide test-takers through exam launch, multi-factor identity verification and environment security scans where unpermitted materials can be removed before the exam.

Live Monitoring and Intervention

Highly-trained live proctors monitor test-takers during the full exam, flag suspicious events and intervene when necessary. Active intervention ensures cheating is stopped or prevented, and reduces the amount of sessions that need administrator review to nearly 1%.

AI-Based Behavior Analysis

Artificial intelligence (AI) acts as a second set of eyes for the proctor, constantly monitoring behaviors and alerting the proctor to suspicious activity such as lighting changes, unusual noises and looking off screen consistently.

Robust Reporting

Incident reporting on questionable sessions provided within 72 hours, including end-to-end recordings with time-stamps. Exam administrators can also choose to receive real-time incident notifications.

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Exam Analytics Dashboard

Administrators have access to intuitive, role-based dashboards to see the status of any exam or test-taker they want to review at any time.

Watch Sessions in Real-time

Administrators also have the option of viewing live exam videos which can be rewound without interrupting the session.

Live Chat Tech Support for Test-Takers

Should test-takers need assistance before or during an exam, they will have access to our full tech support in an easy-to-use chat feature.

LMS Integrations

Integrations include Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle and D2L with API access for other test delivery platforms.

Additional Premium Feature Add-ons:

  • Custom LMS or test driver integration
  • Customized launch process, with proctor training materials specific to your set of requirements
  • For highly customized or enterprise-level features, visit our Pro product page

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