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Data and analytics to help you manage your exams and testing program

The most comprehensive online proctoring reporting available

It’s important you are confident that the integrity of your online exams is being upheld. We provide data so that you know your online proctoring solution is working.

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From Global to Granular, See the Key Performance Indicators that Matter

Performance Insights

Track metrics and trends across all your exams and compare to industry benchmarks

Exam Facilitator Dashboard

Review and inspect metrics for each individual exam

Incident Reports

Investigate a specific test-taker’s session and determine if action is needed


Performance Insights

Review academic integrity and test-taker experience trends across your entire program, by department, by exam, by date and much, much more.

A Benchmark for Comparison

All metrics are shown against a global ProctorU average, meaning you can see how your programs compare to each other and how they compare to metrics from all of our partners.

Role-Based Views

The data provided is based on the role of your individual ProctorU account, so administrators can see an entire testing program while exam facilitators can see their specific exams.

On Demand Access in Real-Time

As your partner, we will be as transparent as possible with you about how your programs are doing in our system at any given time.

Data to Help Make Program Decisions

This data can help inform key stakeholders by validating the value of online proctoring or identifying areas for improvement.

Want more information?

Get instructions on how to access and use Performance Insights. Watch recorded webinars for administrators or for exam facilitators to learn even more about how you can use the data to improve your program.

Prior to Performance Insights, we had a limited line of sight into the big picture experience for our test-takers using ProctorU. We wanted to ensure that we are setting up our students for success with ProctorU, so we’ve implemented a practice exam that will help provide them with the necessary preparation. Having access to the data in the dashboard will help us measure the success of this initiative, and provide us with insights into our program as a whole.  This is something which will be very valuable to the leadership in our academic areas and will assist with stakeholder communications, change management and moving the implementation forward at scale.

Kylie Day, Manager, Examinations and Scheduling, Learning and Teaching Transformation | University of New England

Interested in how this data can help? Here are the top 5 ways you can use data to improve your online testing program.

The Exam Facilitator Dashboard

Everything you’d ever want to know about each individual exam you’ve administered. Seriously.

Real-Time Data

Look at exam and test-taker stats, as they occur. Great for exam facilitators who want to keep a close watch on their exam administration.

From Summary to Detailed Data

Review high-level summary exam data and drill down to compare test-taker stats for integrity incidents, tech issues, wait times, satisfaction ratings, and more.

Easily Check for Outliers

With all data formatted in easy-to-read charts, tables and graphs, you can see potential issues at a glance.

The incident reports and accompanying data I receive from ProctorU are incredibly helpful in investigating potential breaches of exam integrity. The recordings, chat logs, screenshots and details make it very clear cut when we are deciding how to address the test-taker.

Rona Starr, President & CEO, APSCA | Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors

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The Incident Report

All the information you’ll need to review a potential integrity breach and make a decision about next steps. This report provides a narrative detailing what happened, time stamps for video review, screenshots, and chat logs.

Email Incident Notification

When a suspected integrity breach occurs, we’ll email you a link to the report that walks you through everything that occurred within 72 hours of the session. This gives us enough time to investigate the incident and gather all relevant information you’ll need to review.

Easy and Flexible Access

You can see every incident report for all of your exams in one place through the Incident Report Center or you can view all incident reports from an individual exam title through the Facilitator Dashboard.

Talk with Our Incident Team

If you have a question for the team that put the incident report together, you have the ability to send a message directly to them!

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