What is ProctorU and How Does it Work?

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Note: This information was updated in February 2020. 

What is ProctorU?

What is ProctorU? How does it work? The general answer: ProctorU is the world’s leading online exam proctoring solution that offers a powerful, convenient, secure and cost-effective alternative to traditional test centers.

How it Works for Test-Takers:

If you are a test-taker, the number one thing to keep in mind about ProctorU is that one of our main goals is to offer you convenience – the convenience to test from a private study room or from the comfort of your own home (in your PJs if you want!). The convenience of having more time to study or sleep in, and spending less time driving to and from a testing center. The convenience of free basic tech support.

All you need in order to take your exam with ProctorU is:

  • A strong Internet connection
  • A working webcam
  • A functioning microphone
  • A private, quiet and well-lit area
  • And, of course, a ProctorU account (create a student account here!)

If you still have questions, please visit our Test-Taker Resource Center which provides a more in-depth breakdown of what to expect on exam day and includes our tech requirements and links to our FAQ page for students. You can also take advantage of our free, 24/7 tech support via live chat, by phone at (855) 772-8678, or by creating a ticket through our support center.

How it Works for Test Administrators:

We have a full suite of proctoring solutions to help you deter, detect and prevent cheating, authenticate identities, and protect your exam content. All of our products are backed by state-of-the-art technology solutions to help us provide the best service possible.Our partners include academic institutions, certification and credentialing bodies, and professional organizations that administer exams such as pre-employment assessments or corporate training tests.

The platform is very simple for test administrators and faculty to use. The first thing you need to do contact us to get an account set up in the system. From there, we’ll show you how to upload exams, review student sessions, and see incidents created. Parameters and rules may be set for each exam, including permitted materials, breaks allowed, extra time allowances per student, and more. For full transparency, you can even log in to watch live sessions and see what our proctors see.

We are conveniently partnered with several learning management systems like Blackboard, Moodle, D2L and Canvas. If your LMS isn’t listed, don’t worry – our API allows us to create custom integrations with virtually any platform. We’re also proud to partner with learning and assessment platforms such as SmarterServices, Pearson MyLab, and more.

Need support? We have your back, every single step of the way and help is available for you 24/7. Each administrator and instructor has access to their own support team, which is assigned once you become a client. You can also reach out via our general support center or by calling (855) 772-8678.

If you have any questions or would like to get started with implementing ProctorU for your course, please contact us and pick the descriptor that best applies to you.