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Don't just take our word for it. See what our clients, partners and test-takers have to say in their own words.

The Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors
University of Texas at Austin

Helping Move People Forward

Introducing students to ProctorU is directly in line with Athabasca University's mission to reduce barriers to post-secondary education. This partnership creates an accessible, flexible and affordable option for AU exam invigilation that maintains the highest level of academic integrity.

Shawna Wasylyshyn
President, Athabasca University Students' Union

If I could use one word to describe ProctorU, it’d be credibility. They are some of the best, most innovative individuals.

Debbie Fowler
Associate Provost, Western Governors University

ProctorU helps me handle life as a mom, Army wife, full time employee, and student by offering exam times when it's most convenient for me. I love using ProctorU at home rather than taking a proctored exam at the local university's testing center. I also love that ProctorU's proctors are polite, professional, and very helpful.

Student, Cameron University

Giving our students the option of using ProctorU for their VEE Course final exams is rapidly becoming the new standard. We have strong confidence in the academic integrity of the ProctorU service, and love that our students are able to test 24/7/365 worldwide! We couldn’t be happier with the feedback from our valued customers.

Alan Elman
eLearning Lead, ACTEX Learning

We have been thrilled with ProctorU. Their reliable, secure online proctoring solution has allowed us to make our assessments more convenient for test-takers while protecting the integrity of our program. With ProctorU Live proctoring, we were able to easily reach a fully-online and remote professional population and provide the high level of service our candidates expect.

Yannick Petit
Co-Founder, CEO, Unow

ProctorU has made our PCNA program possible. We would not have rolled out the process without a solid proctoring experience because we wanted to protect the integrity of the certification.

Rus Rasmussen
Director of Worldwide Education, Control4

What really drove us to ProctorU is their ability to safeguard our intellectual property. Their entire team has helped us realize our dream for what our certification can become.

Tom Schnieders
Co-Founder, Society of Augmented Engineers & Scientists

The best thing about my experience with ProctorU is that it didn’t impact my test-taking experience and it allowed me to take the exam from the comfort of my home.

Test-Taker, EC-Council

ProctorU has been instrumental in providing Temple College online students with a fee-based convenience option for taking proctored exams if they are unable to use our on-campus testing centers. The service is very reliable, secure and easy to use for both students and faculty.

Brian St. Amour
Director, Distance Education, eLearning, Temple College

As an early adopter of Live+, we are extremely happy with our ability to better monitor the test-taking behavior of our students while also improving the test-taker experience. We have been a partner for many years and continue to be impressed with how ProctorU listens to our needs and continues to innovate to bring new and better solutions to the online education market.

Catherine Hultman
Coordinator of Testing Services, University of Mississippi

If you’re considering online proctoring, ProctorU is the way to go. Through the years, other proctoring services have tried to get our business and I have been asked to evaluate other companies, but we choose to stay with ProctorU because of their outstanding customer service. Our students receive the help they need from a real person at ProctorU, and a lot of the other proctoring companies don’t do that.

Donja Tripp
Director of Student Services, Georgia Southwestern State University

Everyone I’ve worked with at ProctorU, from proctors to administrators, has been very thorough in what they do and have been very cooperative. The team is accommodating in terms of tailoring their expertise and product line with how we do things at Troy, and the service has always been extraordinarily helpful.

Shannon Carolipio
Assistant Director Academic Testing, Troy University

ProctorU is a true partner that enables us to administer assessments for our online student demographic in a reputable remote manner. Everyone I work with at ProctorU is kind, smart and adaptable and their team is always open to suggestions and streamlining the process on my end. They work to find the solution that works for your institution or organization.

Karen Kempter
Testing and Tutoring Specialist, Extended Learning Institute at Northern Virginia Community College

ProctorU is convenient and easy to use. The proctors are really helpful and try to do all they can to make the testing experience positive. I took all of my exams through ProctorU. I'm not sure how I would've gotten my online degree without you!

Cristina C.
Student, University of Florida

The proctors were very attentive and helpful whenever there was an issue (which wasn't very often). ProctorU helps me achieve my educational goals by providing an easy and affordable way to complete my exams, especially being a Distance Education student in a totally different province. Working full-time and also going to school often times makes it challenging to schedule exams, but ProctorU is extremely flexible and convenient. Being able to write my exams without travelling is fantastic.

Student, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

I love the convenience ProctorU gives me. I have to babysit my sister, and it’s easier to just have her go to another room while I test instead of having to find someone to watch her if I had to leave and go to a testing center. ProctorU is also really helpful when you have a minor scheduling issue. One time I accidentally scheduled for 11:40 pm, but needed it to be 11:40 am because my exam was due before 5pm. They fixed it right away in less than 30 minutes through live chat. Couldn’t have asked for better service!

Afia K.
Student, Northern Virginia Community College

Without ProctorU, I wouldn’t be able to complete my bachelor’s degree because my university is in Canada and does not have invigilators where I live. So ProctorU has made my education a reality. Plus, I love the flexibility and ability to take my exams in the comfort of my own home.

Luke M.
Student, Athabasca University

I’m completing my education while working a full-time job and volunteering, so online education is the easiest way for me at this point in time. ProctorU allows me to fully complete my degree online - it’s a seamless transition for me between school and exams. I also love that ProctorU is easy to navigate and I’m not stuck with scheduling exams around someone else’s schedule. I select what works for my schedule.

Student, Thomas Edison State University

ProctorU makes it easy for me to take exams when I feel most prepared - whether it be at 11 at night or 7 in the morning. It's great! I also appreciate that the proctors are always pleasant and to-the-point. Taking an exam at home makes for a comfortable test-taking environment as well.

Dylan W.
Student, University of Iowa

We are proud to offer an integration with ProctorU to serve more test-takers and make higher education and credentialing programs more accessible to individuals around the world.

Dr. Mac Adkins
CEO and Founder, SmarterServices

We [were] thrilled to add ProctorU Live+ to all of our college courses. As always, students can work through courses at their own pace, and now ProctorU’s easy-to-use online proctoring gives a boost in security and credibility to a student’s final exam—all from the convenience of their home and at a very affordable price.

David Siminoff
Founder, Shmoop

By pairing [our] two highly innovative and fully research-backed learning solutions, we are now offering our college and university partners the very best in math placement assessment. Research shows a strong correlation between proctored exams and student success, but many of our customers simply do not have the bandwidth to provide in-person proctoring services.

Bill Okun
President of Higher Education, McGraw-Hill Education

Our partnership and integration with ProctorU adds significant value to our existing products. Offering online proctoring during exams ensures security and learning integrity, which our faculty customers have been asking for. What’s more, CIP goes beyond traditional publishers, offering ‘concierge’ level personal support to both students and faculty. We will continue in this tradition by fully managing the proctoring process, from student scheduling to managing incident reports.

Ryan Fagerberg
President, Caduceus International Publishing