The Smartest Solution to DETECT and DETER Cheating

And the first auto solution that learns and gets smarter with every exam.

A fully-automated proctoring platform with AI-based machine learning behavior analysis used to flag suspicious events. Exam sessions can be watched by test admins in real-time if desired; all are recorded end-to-end for later review.

Powerful Features and Benefits of Auto Proctoring


On-Demand Access 24/7

Test-takers can take exams on-demand at any time, on any day.

Automated Exam Start Process

Test-takers are guided through an automated step-by-step process to verify their identity and get them into their exam.

Multi-Factor Identity Verification

The industry’s strongest automated authentication platform - ID and photo capture, facial recognition, challenge questions, and biometric keystroke analysis all available.


Automated Monitoring with AI-Based Behavior Analysis

Test-takers are monitored by our AI platform that gets smarter with every exam. The system automatically flags suspicious behavior for review.

End-to-End Recordings

All exam sessions are recorded end-to-end. Administrators can access a recording of a test-taker’s face as well as a recording of their screen.

Live Look-In and Real Time Playback

During an exam, you can look in on any of your test-takers in real time. If you see something suspicious, the recording can be rewound without interrupting the live session. You see what our proctors see with full transparency.


Real-Time Incident Notifications

Test administrators can choose to receive real-time notifications about any confirmed incidents of questionable integrity.

Incident Reporting within 24 Hours

If an incident occurs within a session, you'll receive documented evidence, a video recording of the test-taker and a screen recording within 24 hours.

Time-Stamped Video Events

When reviewing a session, all incidents are flagged and time-stamped so you can skip straight to any problem areas.


Guided Exam Setup and Setting Controls

Every test administrator is walked through our exam setup process. Each exam has its own settings and admins have complete control over which computer functions are allowed and which resources are permitted.

Exam and Test-Taker Dashboard

Administrators have access to intuitive, role-based dashboards to see the status of any exam or test-taker they want to review at any time.

Premium Options For Added Security, Peace of Mind and Convenience

Auto with Live Launch

Professionally-trained proctors guide test-takers through the launch process, adding the following features to your Auto exam:

Live Exam Launch Process

Test-takers are guided through the entire start process by a live proctor who can assist with technical issues. Incidents of questionable integrity that happen during the start process are documented and addressed before the exam starts.

Multi-Factor Identity Verification

This process is monitored and guided by live proctors for the highest level of identity verification.

Live Environment Security Scans

We check every part of the room and workspace being used. Unpermitted resources are removed prior to starting an exam. If a proctor suspects the use of unpermitted resources during an exam, we’ll scan the workspace again and resources will be removed in real time.

Auto with ProctorU Professional Review

Blends the technology that drives ProctorU Auto with the professional auditing services of certified proctors. Saves you time and ensures every session is reviewed.

Proctor Review and Audit of Auto Exams

Auto sessions must be reviewed before acting on any suspicious behaviors that occur during an exam. Save your time by having our professionally-trained proctors audit exam sessions, verify automated incidents and flag additional incidents as necessary.

Exam Audit Reports

You will receive an audited session report within 24 hours.

How much time could you save letting ProctorU review your Automated Proctoring exams?


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Unmatched Scalability

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Guaranteed Uptime

Advanced Technology

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