Technology Drives our Business.

About Us

We’re building the future of online testing.

ProctorU’s mission is to uphold the integrity of academic and professional testing. We use technology to make online learning smarter, more secure, and more reliable. Our engineering team is responsible for building and maintaining digital solutions trusted by over 1,000 institutions worldwide. Our company was built on an idea born through technology. Our team of engineers, designers, and innovators are constantly testing new ideas, evolving our processes, and challenging each other to build new products and features that keep us at the technological forefront of our industry.

Our Style

Learn, Collaborate, Develop, Succeed.
And Have Fun Doing It.

We’re a laid back and casual crew with the brains and confidence to make a big difference in the whole company. We know that good ideas can come from anywhere. We give our team the opportunity to cultivate their ideas into game changers. Every week, the engineering team is encouraged to participate in Fun Friday, a day to focus on anything they want, so long as it may benefit the company in some way. Some of our biggest advancements have come out of Fun Friday projects.

Fun is one of our four company pillars. It’s not just a marketing gimmick. Everyone from top leadership down to part-time proctors work hard to make the office enjoyable. Within the engineering team, we feel lucky to work with positive, like-minded people who are not only passionate about what they do, but also know how to have fun inside and outside of work. Ping pong breaks, video game challenges, and group happy hours are normal occurrences. Work shouldn’t always feel like work. Those days when work becomes fun are the days our best ideas come to life.

The Team

Chief Technical Officer

“There are two main things that get me excited to come to work everyday. The first is the challenge of getting to innovate and improve upon a unique technology that ProctorU originally invented. The second is getting to see people grow in their positions and within the company -- especially those who start as proctors and grow into director positions.”

Director of Engineering

“Life on the ProctorU Engineering & Design team is a little taste of Silicon Valley right here in Birmingham. We love our office environment and more importantly, we have a tight-knit team that encourages individuality, collaboration, and creative problem solving.”

Senior Software Engineer

“I enjoy the atmosphere -- our team works really well together. There is a sense of pride in the work we do here and we strive to keep the quality high.”

Product Solutions Architect

“Not only does ProctorU provide a great opportunity for me to grow in my career and areas that I am passionate about, but my co-workers at ProctorU have become like a second family.”

Senior Software Engineer

“ProctorU has its own signature roast of coffee. How many companies can say that? No more burnt coffee dregs mid-day here -- it's freshly brewed for each cup. Another thing I love is that there's no danger of being pigeon-holed here, everyone is encouraged to continue learning, growing, and contributing.”

Software Engineer

“We work hard, but we also play hard here at ProctorU. It’s fairly common to see a group of us at our local joint, getting beers (or wine, or soda), and hanging out outside of work because we have all become very good friends.”

Front-End Software Engineer

"I always enjoy coming to work with my dog to a fun and light atmosphere. Our team is truly like a family. We’re very close and encourage one another to be better developers."

Software Engineer

“My favorite things about working here are the wonderful and passionate people, the witty banter, the salty lunch game, and -- of course -- all the precious puppies! (´• ω •`) ♡”

Technical Project Manager

"When I joined ProctorU, I was able to immediately see how team-oriented the environment was. We’re friends beyond the office walls, often grabbing drinks after work or sharing lunch plans. That mentality parlays into a standard of respect inside the office and among our team. It's always nice to feel valued and appreciated by your co-workers!"

Senior Software Engineer

"The team puts up with my Cherry MX Blue keyboard switches. What more can I say?"