Industry News & Notes

Industry News & Notes

Filling the Gap in Smart Home
Networking Education with a New Certification

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Founded in 2003, Control4 is a leading global provider of personalized smart home automation systems to control lighting, entertainment, security, energy, and other connected devices. With a distribution channel of over 5,700 authorized professional installers and retailers in 100 countries, their solutions allow virtual control of any connected device in a home or business. In… continue reading »

SAES Partners with ProctorU to Protect the Integrity and Credibility of Augmented Engineers and Scientists

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ProctorU and the Society of Augmented Engineers and Scientists (SAES) announced today their partnership to deliver a revolutionary new human augmentation certification program. SAES was established in 2016 as a network of specialized professionals who use engineering and scientific techniques to augment human performance and experience. It is the first society of its kind with… continue reading »

ProctorU and SmarterServices Partner to Offer Flexible Proctoring Solutions

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ProctorU, the world’s largest provider of online proctoring and identity management services, is partnering with SmarterServices, a full-spectrum assessment services company. The ProctorU integration with SmarterServices’ SmarterProctoring platform allows organizations to use a single interface for scheduling, administration and reporting of proctored exams regardless of how they are delivered. “This integration between two powerhouses in… continue reading »

ProctorU Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

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ProctorU, the world’s largest provider of online proctoring and identity management services, celebrated its 10 year anniversary on October 18.  “When the company first began, distance learning was exploding with organizations like StraighterLine, Khan Academy and MOOCs offering an alternative to traditional learning through affordable, online college courses,” said CEO Scott McFarland. “Our company progress… continue reading »

Caduceus International Publishing now Offers Online Proctoring from ProctorU

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Caduceus International Publishing (CIP), a leading provider of interactive health science curriculum for higher education, has partnered with industry-leader ProctorU to integrate online proctoring into all of CIP’s online courses. With the combination of live proctors and artificial intelligence, student identity and conduct during exams can now be fully validated. “Our partnership and integration with… continue reading »

ProctorU Raises the Bar for Academic Integrity in Online Proctoring

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ProctorU, the world’s largest online proctoring and identity management company, announced today the release of Live+, the latest version of its live online proctoring solution. ProctorU Live+ is the first proctoring solution to layer artificial intelligence (AI) behind live proctoring providing enhanced behavior monitoring and security for every exam. ProctorU Live+ uses a human proctor… continue reading »

Dr. Ashley Norris, Vice President for Academic Affairs

| Employee Spotlight

Dr. Ashley Norris recently joined ProctorU as vice president for academic affairs. She brings so much to ProctorU, both professionally and personally, and we’re excited to share some of her background here: Where did you attend school? What did you study there? What did you like about those institutions? I went to Southern Methodist University… continue reading »

ProctorU Strengthens Pearson’s MyLab Portfolio with AI-Driven Proctoring

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ProctorU, the largest online proctoring company, and Pearson, the world’s learning company, today announced the integration of automated online proctoring into the MyLab product portfolio. This innovative approach to online proctoring, using artificial intelligence and machine learning, will ensure the validity of the learning that takes place online with MyLab. “ProctorU is proud to be… continue reading »