Mark your calendar for Digital Learning Day 2012

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February 1, 2012 is Digital Learning Day, a nationwide campaign developed to raise awareness for online education. Next Wednesday, a virtual national town hall meeting will be broadcast live from Washington, D.C., and will highlight four to six satellite locations. Both California and Alabama, the two states in which ProctorU operates online proctoring centers, are supporting the event with their own celebrations. Alabama will spread awareness for the entire month of February and will present a video showcasing its progress in online education during the national town hall meeting. California will host celebrations with iCalifornia and the California Writing Project.

“While we acknowledge the benefits of our modern world in February, let’s not let the passion for digital learning pass with the month. Use this month as a springboard for innovation. Today’s students are curious, and eager to learn. Their desire, coupled with today’s technology, equals immeasurable learning opportunities,” Dr. Tommy Bice, Alabama’s superintendent of education said in a press release.