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9 Questions to Ask Every Online Proctoring Vendor Before Committing

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Finding the right online proctoring partner can be difficult and time consuming. If you knew the right questions to ask, wouldn’t it be easier to make an informed decision? We think so too! That’s why we’ve outlined some questions that can help guide you in your search. In this white paper, you’ll find: 9 important questions you should be asking every company you’re considering, why the questions matter, and ProctorU’s responses to the questions

Cheating in the Digital Age: How Higher Education Can Protect Itself from New Forms of Academic Dishonesty

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This white paper dives into how technology has changed the landscape of higher education and how cheating has evolved to take advantage of the new realities. Included are staggering statistics about academic dishonesty, two case studies about how ProctorU helped institutions combat the rising problems, and four ways campuses can protect themselves. Download this White… continue reading »

How to Choose the Right Online Proctoring Solution: Lessons from the Physical Security Industry

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It can be difficult to describe the benefits of online proctoring to those who are not familiar with the concept. To help explain differences between the options, we’ve drawn comparisons to something that everyone is familiar with: the world of physical security. This white paper uses comparisons to the physical security industry to explain differences… continue reading »