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Donald Trump smiling in front of microphone

Many are wondering what Donald Trump’s presidency may mean for the Humanities.

Some are worried about the future of humanities and arts education with Donald Trump in the White House. He has suggested policies which include possibly cutting the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) budget. The NEH is an organization that has been a significant source of funding for institutions such as museums, archives, libraries, colleges, universities, public television and radio stations.

Inside Higher Ed states that “[t]he report could not be independently verified, but it was being viewed as credible by humanities and arts advocates – many of them within higher education – who were deeply distressed by the news.” 

Stephen Kidd, executive director of the National Humanities Alliance, shares a view that many people on each side of the political party spectrum have a “deep appreciation for the humanities,” and he will “fight any proposal to kill the endowments.”

Education Dive cites the American Alliance of Museums stating that funding provided by the NEH generates “economic growth through tourism and job creation.” Trump’s alleged plans for budget cuts do not single out the humanities and are part of a much larger plan. As no cut to NEH has yet been made,  it is only speculation at this point as to what it would mean. It is clear, however, that if such cuts took place, there would be considerable backlash and continued higher education support for the humanities.  

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