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Testing anxiety can be a real problem, but there are several steps people can take to fight it.

Taking an exam can be daunting for some, often to the point of developing anxiety. Test anxiety is a legitimate concern and may yield physical and emotional symptoms. The ADAA lists headaches, shortness of breath, nausea, becoming lightheaded and others as physical symptoms of testing anxiety, with “feelings of anger, helplessness and disappointment” manifesting as emotional symptoms.

How can someone combat testing anxiety? There is a multitude of ways to ward off anxiety during an actual test and methods of preparation for an exam beforehand so that such anxiety can be prevented from happening altogether. An online article on Test Taking Tips offers many suggestions for students struggling with this issue, including:

There are many ways that teachers can help their students with testing anxiety, as well. An article on Teach Thought suggests giving mock tests that use the same sort of language and types of questions as the actual test, discussing with students how they study outside of school and suggesting ways they can take advantage of their personal preferences -“some will study best in a quiet corner where they won’t be distracted, while others prefer a busy environment” – and reminding students that they should be well-balanced with sleep, exercise, and diet.

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