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Published: November 30, 2015 | Category: Media

7 trends that will revolutionize online learning

“UCard validates the identity of students through the entire educational process, from the moment they register until they graduate. The identity of each student is confirmed by a keystroke-based behavioral biometric that measures how long the student strikes a key and the amount of time between key strikes.”

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Published: November 5, 2015 | Category: Media

EntreCon Day 1 Blog

“…Jarrod Morgan, chief operating officer of ProctorU, shared [his] experiences growing [the business]… ‘All of our competitors in the early days tried to take the human out of the process,’ Morgan said, describing the personalized touch the company injected into proctoring over the Internet. ‘We realized that one of the things at a stressful time of taking a test is you like to have a person there.'”

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Published: September 24, 2015 | Category: Media

Columbia College staff member retires after 35 years

“[René] Massey also noted [among Columbia College’s big initiatives] the college’s advances with fraud protection. She recently developed a relationship between ProctorU, a company that provides student authentication services. The partnership has helped the college fight financial aid fraud.”

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Published: September 3, 2015 | Category: Media

Ingrassia: ProctorU Raises Access to Certification

“So how do you get the best of both worlds? Better access and test security and confidence? Enter the new online proctor service called ProctorU. The RVDA-RVIA RV Service Technician Certification Governing Board approved the online proctor program, and it launched just a few weeks ago. A number of technicians have already used the new testing system and earned certification.”

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