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Working hand-in-hand with academic institutions, we set the standard for online knowledge verification. And together, we are expanding upon that definition. Because there are different types of tests, we offer different ways to proctor. From automated to live, we can create the combination that helps you expand your reach, advance course work and control costs.

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Professionally-trained live proctors
supported by AI-based behavior analysis. Automated detection, proactive prevention.


Multi-factor identification, AI-based behavior analysis, annotated video and more. We can also customize our automated solution to your needs.


Way beyond challenge questions. We offer multi-factor identification supported by live proctors to deliver the most reliable student authentication in the industry.

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How does ProctorU protect user and organizational data?

We collect very limited personally identifiable information (PII), and all communication is transmitted with TLS 1.2 encryption and stored with AES 256-bit encryption. Because we work with higher education partners, we maintain strong adherence to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliance. All proctors undergo rigorous FERPA and security training prior to proctoring exams, as well as receive training on an ongoing basis. We do not collect or store billing information, and data is securely transmitted using Authorize.Net, a Visa subsidiary. Every quarter we are independently audited for PCI/DSS compliance. We do not sell or share test-taker information with third parties, or market directly to test-takers. As a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge, we take test-taker privacy very seriously and protect it as if it were our own.

Can proctors access test-taker computers without their knowledge?

No. All users must download a small, non-install applet to connect with a proctor. They must also grant the applet permission for the proctor to begin viewing their computer screen activity. After an exam session, or if the applet is not run within a certain time frame from the moment it was downloaded, the applet self-destructs and becomes unusable. Proctors cannot do anything on a test-taker’s computer that they cannot see in real time, nor can proctors secretly download files. In the interest of transparency, we rely on a third-party screen-sharing tool used by Fortune 500 companies rather than an in-house developed tool.

Is ProctorU HIPAA compliant?

Yes. However, we do not request, collect or store HIPAA-protected data. If a test-taker needs additional time or other unique accommodations due to a disability or condition, we only request details regarding the accommodation, e.g., Woodward J. Procki requires one additional hour to complete Accounting 101 Final Exam. We do not charge additional fees for these accommodations.

Can my institution or organization visit your proctoring facilities?

Yes! You are highly encouraged to visit one of our proctoring facilities in Hoover, Ala., Pleasanton, Calif., or Folsom, Calif. We believe in transparency when it comes to how we conduct our business, and recommend that you visit the proctoring facilities of any online proctoring vendor you are considering. To arrange a visit, please contact us.

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Jul. 24

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Keystone, CO – Come one, come all! Step right up to the ProctorU booth to talk about how we can boost your online learning programs!

Jul. 25

D2L Fusion 2018

Houston, TX – Plus Sponsor

Aug. 01

2018 Minnesota eLearning Summit

Saint Paul, MN – Got digital learning? ProctorU has the tools to enhance your students’ experiences!

Aug. 07

33rd Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning

Madison, WI -Stop by ProctorU’s booth to share your experiences with online education with us!

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“Giving our students the option of using ProctorU for their VEE Course final exams is rapidly becoming the new standard. We have strong confidence in the academic integrity of the ProctorU service, and love that our students are able to test 24/7/365 worldwide! We couldn’t be happier with the feedback from our valued customers.”

Alan ElmaneLearning Lead, ACTEX Learning

“ProctorU helps me handle life as a mom, Army wife, full time employee, and student by offering exam times when it's most convenient for me. I love using ProctorU at home rather than taking a proctored exam at the local university's testing center. I also love that ProctorU's proctors are polite, professional, and very helpful.”

StacyStudent, Cameron University

“If I could use one word to describe ProctorU, it’d be credibility. They are some of the best, most innovative individuals.”

Debbie FowlerAssociate Provost, Western Governors University

“ProctorU makes it easy for me to take exams when I feel most prepared - whether it be at 11 at night or 7 in the morning. It's great! I also enjoy the flexibility of scheduling exams on-demand. Proctors are always pleasant and to-the-point. Taking an exam at home makes for a comfortable test-taking environment as well. ”

DylanStudent, University of Iowa

“Introducing students to ProctorU is directly in line with Athabasca University's mission to reduce barriers to post-secondary education. This partnership creates an accessible, flexible and affordable option for AU exam invigilation that maintains the highest level of academic integrity.”

Shawna WasylyshynPresident, Athabasca University Students' Union

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