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About Us


ProctorU’s owl mascot who personifies the company’s four principles: Integrity, Service, Simplicity and Fun.


ProctorU helps protect the academic integrity of online programs around the world. With an evolving online education environment, institutions are faced with the challenge of maintaining quality, rigorous standards and a consistent experience in online courses and assessments. Our digital solutions, including identity management and exam management, are designed to address the most common challenges to the academic integrity of online programs. Trusted by nearly 1,000 institutions and serving test-takers in countries all around the world, we work to meet institutional and test-taker needs while enhancing the online education experience.


Founded in 2008, we have administered over 2 million exams for test-takers in 129 countries. The company has four offices in the United States, as well as an international support center in the Philippines, and employs more than 600 people.


The EdTech space is bookended by two extremes: On one end are fully-automated companies that lack the comforts and common sense that only people can provide and, on the other end, people-centric service companies that can’t adequately scale to handle fluctuating workflows.


While customer service has continued to serve as a critical element that has driven our success, at the core we are a technology company focused on delivering an innovative digital platform to millions of test-takers annually. In a world and an industry increasingly moving toward rigid automation, we are the only firm that combines in a single platform the benefits of technology with the flexibility of skillful interaction.


The latest technology is only as good as the people behind it. ProctorU offers a combination of intuition, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


At ProctorU we adhere to a set of company pillars that help shape our corporate culture and ensure that we go above and beyond the expectations of our partner institutions and their test-takers. The pillars serve as a framework for how we interact among our team and with others.