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City College of San Francisco building

City College of San Francisco is implementing a unique tuition program in the fall of 2017.

According to, the annual resident tuition for colleges in California can range anywhere from around $1,100 for a community college, to about $5,500 for a California State University and $12,300 at the University of California level.

City College of San Francisco recently made a deal with the city of San Francisco and Mayor Ed Lee. According to CBS, Mayor Lee has “agreed to spend $5.4 million on free tuition for San Francisco residents. . . funding will also cover the cost of books for low-income students in the upcoming year.”

As stated in The Hill, all students who have been residents of San Francisco for at least one year will be able to participate, “regardless of income.”  City supervisor Jane Kim is quoted as saying that “[e]ven the children of the founders of Facebook” will be eligible.

US News explains that the fine print is significant when looking at tuition-free schools. “Students may have to hail from a certain state or region or come from a low-income background. Some schools require on-campus work or service after graduation.”

The program that Mayor Lee is putting into effect is unique and it may spark a chain of other institutions to follow suit if it proves successful in growing the enrollment rate.

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