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Why Choose ProctorU Over Competitors?

ProctorU is a simple 24/7 online test proctoring service that offers convenience and ease to test-takers around the world. The point of being able to be proctored online is so students may test from home, work, or school. This provides options to many students who do not live near a campus, who work full time or have other responsibilities such as parenting that make their schedules hectic.

Not having to travel to campus or an in-person proctoring center can hugely lessen the stress of an already stressed-out college student. But why choose ProctorU over other competitors? ProctorU is the world’s largest online test proctoring company, having proctored over 2 million exams since 2008 in 129 different countries. Nearly 1,000 institutions worldwide trust them with the security of exams administered to their students.

Other online test proctoring options simply record the session with the test-taker, and instructors review the video feed of the test-taker and his or her screen afterward. Many busy instructors do not have the extra time to do this. ProctorU has live test-proctors who are always with test-takers, upholding academic integrity so institutions can rest easy. They do all of the work.

On the other end of the spectrum, test-takers can also relax knowing that, if there is a technical issue during their exam – anything from a camera or connection issue to something going wrong with the exam itself – the proctor is always there to help and advocate for them. For example, if a hardware issue kicks a test-taker out of his or her exam, a proctor is there to immediately ask someone to get in touch with the institution and can provide photo or video evidence of everything that is happening.

Proctors are the heart of the company and without them, it wouldn’t be ProctorU. According to ProctorU’s website, “[f]rom 380,000 surveys collected in the last year, over 86% of test-takers said they liked or loved the company’s customer service.” Proctors are given extensive training for authenticating each student’s identity with ProctorU’s comprehensive authentication process, upholding the exam’s integrity, and providing top notch customer service through the whole process. Being a student and taking exams is already very stressful, but with ProctorU’s proctors, it can be  less trying so the student can breathe a little easier.

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