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ProctorU allows test-takers to connect with a live person from anywhere in the world.

What is ProctorU? The basic answer is that it’s an online test proctoring service that uses live proctors. What exactly does that mean, though? What is a proctor? In short, a proctor is a person who monitors another person who is taking an examination. There are in-person proctoring centers as well, but ProctorU fills a need for distance learning students and also offers more options for test-takers who aren’t necessarily distance learners, but who just would like to test in the comfort of their own homes or offices.

ProctorU’s use of live proctors add convenience to the test-taker’s experience, and is essential to many institutions in catching breaches of academic integrity. Live proctors are able to intervene if test-takers have others attempt to sit in for their exams or use unpermitted materials on their exams.There are various ways that ProctorU does this. Test-takers connect to a proctor via webcam, and the proctor uses screen-sharing software to close out of any programs the exam candidate may not be allowed to use and also uses it to monitor the test-taker’s screen throughout the entirety of the examination. The proctor also requests a tour of the room in which the test-taker is testing and checks the actual monitor with a reflective device.

If there is a breach of academic integrity while the test taker is testing, such as someone coming into the room with him or her or the test-taker using an unpermitted computer program or website, then the proctor takes action based on the institution’s preference. Actions can range anywhere from shutting down the exam completely to simply notifying the institution of the situation, including any photographic or video evidence.

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