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Proctoru awarded patent for online proctoring

Patent has been 6 years in the making

Birmingham, Ala. ProctorU, the world’s largest online proctoring company, is honored to announce their new patent for the process of proctoring an exam online in a live format that they have employed since 2008.

“This is the most comprehensive patent ever issued in our space,“ said by ProctorU’s founder and Chief Strategy Officer Jarrod Morgan.”Many of these aspects have become standards in the industry. This is further proof that we continue to lead the industry that we pioneered.”

ProctorU’s patent number from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is 9,601,024 and covers live proctoring using webcams and microphones, taking a photo of the test-taker and multi-factor authentication. Specifically, the patent defines this authentication as verifying a photo ID, comparing a picture from a previous session and knowledge-based challenge questions.

The patent also covers local time scheduling, on-demand testing, appointment countdown clock, session recording, self-service for institutional accounts, use of any Learning Management System (LMS), test-taker information updates from proctors and appointment balancing, among other features.

The company originally filed the patent application in 2011 and has since become the largest online proctoring provider in the world by monitoring over 2 million exams for more than 1,000 partner institutions in 129 countries.

About ProctorU

ProctorU provides distance proctoring services for colleges, universities and certification organizations that offer examinations online. The service allows students to take their exams from nearly anywhere in a secured environment. ProctorU uses a patent-pending three-step process that confirms that the student who registered for the exam is the student who is taking the exam and is following the institution’s testing requirements. The service is modeled after the in-classroom experience and proctors monitor the entire process in order to ensure that a high level of integrity is maintained throughout the exam process. ProctorU offers live, person-to-person, real-time monitoring to nearly 1,000 colleges, universities and certification organizations, including the University of Florida and Northwestern University. ProctorU operates dedicated proctoring centers in Folsom, Calif., Livermore, Calif. and Hoover, Ala.


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