Here are some important things to consider.

  1. You must have reliable high speed internet.
  2. You must schedule your exams at least 72 hours in advance, using the Schedule an Exam function on the ProctorU webpage, to be charged the lowest fee per exam. Late scheduling fees apply.
  3. You must have fully functional speakers, microphone, and a webcam connected to your computer.
  4. You must be prepared to show a current government issued photo ID prior to beginning the exam.
  5. You must use your NOVA (VCCS) email account when creating your ProctorU student account and must know your seven digit NOVA student ID (SIS/EMPLID) number.
  6. You must agree to meet the Terms of Service listed below when using ProctorU for your proctored exams.

While testing, you must agree to the following Terms of Service.

  1. You must be connected to your proctor at all times during your exam with your webcam feed and computer screen accessible by the proctor.
  2. You must adhere to all verbal/written directions given to you by the online proctor, and adhere to all ProctorU policies.
  3. You must be alone in a quiet, well-lit testing environment with a clear work surface.
  4. All electronic devices, except the computer you are using to take the exam, must be off. Television, music, mobile phone must be turned off and inaccessible during the exam.
  5. You may only access materials that the proctor says are permitted by your instructor for the exam.
  6. You may not leave the testing area for any reason. You must maintain a forehead to chin, face forward view to the webcam throughout your exam unless you are permitted specified additional exam materials based on the proctor directions provided by the instructor and shared with you by the proctor.
  7. You must notify your proctor when you are ready to submit your exam.  Having the proctor observe you doing so is for your protection as they verify the successful submission of the exam.
  8. You must close the exam and/or any feedback, if applicable, and log out of Blackboard before disconnecting with ProctorU.