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List of College Majors

Take a look at some of the most popular college majors

How will I pay for school? Will I have a job while going? Will I live on campus or off? What major should I choose? These are some of the questions that prospective college students ask themselves while considering their future. A lot goes into thinking about the college experience, but choosing a major may be the most important decision of all.

There are a few majors that have always been popular. USA Today published an article that explains that most of the top 10 are “broad majors that give students many options upon graduating while at the same time teaching them critical skills necessary in the workforce.”

According to the article, the 10 most popular college majors are:

Business administration and management remains the most popular college major. People can learn the minutiae of business, marketing, and management, and “develop crucial skills such as decision making.” The average salary starting out is around $41,000 and can reach $70,700 down the road.

Majors like history, English and literature are broad, both reported to offer a mid-$30,000 range in starting salary and mid-$60,000 by mid-career. Many students who choose these paths go into teaching or communications, but there are possible other fields including marketing, politics, law, writing and public relations.

While it is obviously more specialized than the above-mentioned majors, students who choose nursing still have many options within the field. Nursing students are prepared for a “practical and in-demand career,” and it is “one of the top paying bachelor’s degrees with graduates reporting average starting salaries of $53,000 and mid-career salaries of $70,100.”

These college majors may consistently be the most popular ones among students, but there is a wealth of others to choose from depending on a student’s talents, interests and goals.

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