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What are micro-credentials?

What are micro-credentials and what is their purpose? Micro-credentials are a form of certification that are the equivalent of downsizing full degrees. People are now seeking them to show they have a particular skill, as opposed to going to school for full courses or degrees.

Employees who have certifications or micro-credentials are viewed as more competitive not only while trying to land a job, but also after they are employed. Many employers believe their employees should continue a never-ending process of learning.

According to Online School Center, “[M]ost employers expect their workers to continually seek out learning opportunities.” The article states, “In a recent survey of human resource managers across different industries, 95% were interested in the micro-credentials of potential hires.”

Employees and prospective employees can earn micro-credentials in many different subjects, including front-end web development, applying leadership skills in the workplace, teaching writing in K-12 classrooms and many more. These credentials are called many different things, including web badges, nano-degrees and micro-certifications.

Such credentials are earned through a mini version of a college course either online or in person. Instead of an entire course with a standard five-month time frame, a person can earn these credentials at their own pace.

Micro-badges may be more convenient for someone who is already in the workforce wants to amp up his or her résumé, or even for a student who would like to pair regular college coursework with additional learning.

A recent Education Dive article stated that several elite schools including MIT, Columbia University, and the University of Michigan are now offering programs that award micro-degrees in hopes of attracting professionals interested in career development.

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