Integrity in Action

How do you know the integrity of your online exams is being upheld? How do you know your online proctoring solution is working? We have the data to prove it. This page outlines a small sample of metrics we track across all proctored sessions.



*Data is from all service lines from APR 2020 to MAR 2021


Our job is to deter and prevent any breach of integrity, whether it be using a proxy tester, using unpermitted resources to gain an unfair advantage during an exam, or stealing exam content. Prevention can occur before or during an exam. If we are not able to prevent cheating from occurring, our job turns to one of detection and documentation so that an institution can be armed with the necessary evidence of an incident. If we’re doing our job in deterring and preventing dishonest behavior, the number of sessions where a breach is confirmed should be very low.

12 Months of Live+ Exam Data


*Unpermitted Resources: The number of exam sessions in which materials were removed from the testing area prior to the beginning of an exam. An unpermitted resource is anything that could provide an unfair advantage during an exam: i.e., books, notes, secondary computers, mobile devices, bluetooth devices, people, etc.

*Active Interventions: Any action that is taken by a proctor during an examination to correct an action taken by the student, clarify an expectation of behavior, or stop a potential academic breach from occurring.

*Confirmed Breaches: The number of exam sessions in which a breach of academic integrity has occurred. This can be a one-time event of egregious behavior, or a repetition of events where a prevented breach turns into a confirmed breach.

Live+ Exam Data by Month


We strive to provide a positive experience for all of our test-takers. In order to measure our performance, every test-taker is given the option to complete a short 5-question satisfaction survey after each exam session where they’re asked to rate satisfaction with their proctor and with our company as a whole.

Proctor Satisfaction Score


Percent of test-takers who are satisfied or very satisfied with their proctor

ProctorU Satisfaction Score


Percent of test-takers who are satisfied or very satisfied with ProctorU as a company

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

If you like the metrics above, you’ll love our reporting capabilities. Every ProctorU partner, administrator, instructor and exam facilitator has access to the most comprehensive data and analytics in the industry to help you manage your exams and measure the effectiveness of your online proctoring solution. Learn more about all of our reporting features here.

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