Why Scale Matters in Exam Proctoring

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Why does scale matter for administering exams? You don’t need to look any further than the way traditional exams have been delivered within a physical testing center. Booking a physical testing center can cause complications tied to limited options. Test-takers are limited to the days of the week a center is open and proctored exams can only be scheduled during certain hours – usually a typical 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. block. Centers are frequently required to hire extra staff and are typically expensive to operate. Because of these limitations, sending 400 people to a testing center to take an exam within a very short time span doesn’t work. How can one appointed proctor effectively keep an eye on hundreds of test takers?

It’s not one-size-fits-all when it comes to online proctoring. Your online proctoring company should scale for the very same reasons – to meet high exam demands within short time frames. Live online proctoring centers have many benefits including top notch customer service that’s always available, high-level security by professionally trained proctors, and the ability to contact instructors immediately if anything goes wrong with the exam being taken. However, good online proctoring companies provide many service options so that institutions can customize the proctoring experience based on the exam or specific department requirements.

ProctorU offers several tiers of service. Keep in mind that each level of service is available 24/7. For people who work full-time or have a family to attend to at home, this allows them to take exams at their convenience – no need to block off time, take off work or find a babysitter. Teachers no longer have to base their courses around the necessities of live testing. They are able to assess students more frequently and conveniently. If you’re looking to scale due to a high number of students and exams being taken, but you need to cut cost, consider the following options offered by ProctorU:

Authentication only – This option is for low stakes exams or online programs that need to verify the identity of the participant. It features multi-factor process including a government-issued ID check, photo capture, facial recognition and a biometric keystroke analysis. Not familiar with keystroke analysis? Everyone types in a way that is unique to them. Keystroke biometrics measures this and makes sure that who is typing is they say they are. 

ProctorU Auto – A fully-automated online exam launch with multi-factor identity authentication. During the exam, AI-based suspect behavior incidents (SBI) will be flagged and time-stamped in a violation report immediately following each testing session, so the instructor may choose to review all sessions or simply those that are flagged. An institution will receive a recording of every session’s screencast and webcam video that the instructor may review it at his or her leisure. 

ProctorU Auto with Professional Review – An option that is truly a happy medium. Cost effective but a little more involved, this option includes the same features as ProctorU Auto, but instead of requiring an instructor to review sessions, a professionally trained proctor will review each video session within 24 hours and inform the institution of any suspicious behavior or obvious breaches in academic integrity. The institution is also given access to 100 percent of the screen recordings.

ProctorU Auto with Live Launch and Professional Review – This is similar to ProctorU Auto with Professional Review, but features a live proctor launching the exam and guiding the test-taker through the authentication process. An institution will still receive a recording of every session’s screencast and webcam video along with a full post-exam report conducted by a professional proctor within 24 hours of exam completion. 

ProctorU Live – A live proctor assists the test-taker throughout the duration of the exam session. The proctor walks the test-taker through the multi-factor authentication process.  The session is recorded for the convenience of the instructors, but a live proctor also monitors the exam from start to finish, and will prevent and document academic integrity breaches.

Many institutions use a combination of the above, depending on the stakes of each exam. A ten-question chapter quiz may warrant a simple authentication-only option while a comprehensive final exam or job certification would warrant the highest tier, professional live proctoring. You can pick and choose, customizing the experience for your test-takers.

We’re happy to discuss your options in greater detail. Request a demo today!