We Wrote the Book on Proctoring – Then We Re-Wrote It

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Education is the great equalizer. People, no matter their circumstances, can better themselves and their lives when equipped with the right knowledge and skills to do so. One of higher education’s most noble pursuits is making knowledge accessible to all. However, recent economic trends have led to skyrocketing tuition costs* and increased criticisms of academic institutions not fulfilling their promise of universal access. The internet has been crucial in leveling the economic playing field. It has revolutionized how, when, and where students access information. Now, students are able to seek knowledge regardless of their geography or schedules, and at a lower cost. Online courses have helped universities and academic institutions reconnect with their core mission: to be the gateway to wisdom and opportunity, rather than its gatekeeper.

Because online courses parallel their traditional counterparts, there is another, equally important need. While accessibility is core to the mission, so is credibility.  The merits earned must match the knowledge earned for a degree to have the value needed to create a real, tangible opportunity. The merits distributed via online courses are equal to those earned in a more traditional setting. Knowledge is knowledge – and a true willingness to learn is not shut down outside of a classroom. In order to prove that their students have actually fulfilled their coursework, academic institutions have increasingly added online testing to their existing array of traditional assessments. Accuracy and honesty in these online assessments is critical to the acceptance of the resulting credentials in the professional field. Without ensuring academic integrity, institutions leave themselves vulnerable to a devaluation of their perceived standards and reputation. ProctorU helps students to show what they know, and to prove that their ability and expertise are their own.

As online testing has grown, the need for vigorous online proctoring has grown alongside it. The best online proctoring services ensure all of the positives of online testing – accessibility, cost-effectiveness, convenience – with none of the negatives – cheating that threatens the integrity of the exam and devalues the degree earned honestly.

But online proctoring doesn’t stop there. Good proctors can catch cheating in the act. Great proctors can catch cheating before it starts. Working continuously for the prevention of fraud, ProctorU proves that an academic institution is credible, rigorous, and verified.

ProctorU, founded in 2008, was there in the beginning as online coursework grew in popularity, and a need for online proctoring was identified. Beyond being the first, ProctorU has set the goal of continuous expansion of online education’s access, and the elevation of online education’s credibility. We were the first to develop and establish the nationally-recognized standards for online proctoring – the standards all other proctoring services seek to attain. We literally wrote the book on what defines online proctoring.

While deceptively simple, ProctorU’s definition of the online proctoring process is the key to protecting the academic integrity of an institution and safeguarding the value of its hard-earned degrees.

Effective online proctoring must:

  • Verify the identity of the test-taker;
  • Clearly communicate the rules for the test;
  • Make sure the student has the right test;
  • Monitor the testing environment;
  • Ensure academic integrity;
  • Make sure the tests are collected properly for grading;
  • Report any incidents that occurred during the test.

But we don’t stop at the first draft, we are always revising. As the originator and industry leader, we seek to constantly refine, hone, and rewrite this definition in order to expand the reach, the credibility, and ultimately the opportunity embedded in every online degree.

ProctorU helps academic institutions build a teaching and testing foundation that naturally favors the honest students that are already doing things right. Proactive instead of reactive, ProctorU strives to not just identify cheating, but to prevent it. In over a decade of writing the gold standard for online proctoring services, we have learned to adapt our solutions while never compromising integrity.

Further, we establish new ways to combine credibility with access. Our customizable approach to proctoring services allows institutions and teachers to combine different levels of proctoring to offer students more assessments with less overhead. This allows teachers to cater their coursework to fit students, rather than forcing students to prove themselves with only a single exam or assessment.

ProctorU offers a balance:

Smart – We leverage cutting-edge AI, highly-trained live proctors, and advanced technology to effectively prevent cheating.

Secure – We ensure accurate ID verification, safe information storage, and protection against financial fraud.

Accessible – We are easy for administrators, teachers, and test-takers to use, and help is available 24/7.

Innovative – We create flexible programs, tailored to fit an institution’s proctoring needs at varying levels.

Natural – We allow students, teachers, and administrators to feel comfortable with each step of the proctoring process.

ProctorU understands that the art of writing is in the re-writing. We are constantly working to make certain our online proctoring process is an effective safeguard against test fraud. Elevating proctoring standards elevates the academic community, and helps it fulfill its promise of knowledge for all.


*According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the consumer price index for college tuition and fees increased 63% from January 2006 to July 2016.