ProctorU’s innovation in online education grabs headlines

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Online education has continued its explosive growth over the past year, aided greatly by the surge in interest in Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) providers such as Coursera. Many commentators have expressed uncertainty that Web-enabled education can conform to the same standards of academic integrity that traditional campuses offer. Coursera and other online programs have turned to ProctorU to demonstrate that the same if not superior standards of rigor and academic honesty can be enforced at a distance. Major distance education programs such as the University of North Carolina System and Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) have trusted ProctorU to ensure honesty in their online programs long before the New York Times dubbed 2012 “The Year of the MOOC.”

In recent months, several major media outlets have prominently featured ProctorU in their discussions of online education. ProctorU has been covered by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the MIT Technology Review and PBS NewsHour. Vice President of Business Development Jarrod Morgan was interviewed by PBS’ Spencer Michaels over the very same platform that is used daily to observe test takers and document instances of academic dishonesty.

The recent spate of media coverage is due to several key partnerships and the innovative way ProctorU ensures academic integrity at a distance. ProctorU has always distanced itself from its main competitors by focusing on the human element in a technology-enabled service business.

The excitement regarding major news outlets taking notice of this distance is a source of excitement for staff at the online proctoring company. “ProctorU’s success has always been driven by its people,” said ProctorU Media Coordinator Franklin Hayes. “Because we are a tight knit team of talented individuals, we are able to accomplish extraordinary things. It’s been fun to see the media and others taking notice.”