Go Online for More Efficient Pre-Hire Examinations

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Does your organization rely on pre-employment exams to ensure you hire the best candidates? Do you require candidates to take those exams in person or are they allowed to participate online? Believe it or not, you can bring your pre-employment exams directly to potential candidates without sacrificing exam security.

If you utilize a secure online proctoring service, you can test candidates from the comfort of their home or workplace. With the right proctoring solution in place, any candidate with a computer, stable internet connection, webcam, and microphone can participate in a test. This allows your organization to evaluate their fitness without the fuss of traveling to a physical testing center.

Online proctoring of examinations also allows you to cast a wider net to attract the best qualified candidates. Prospective employees might not have the time or ability to travel long distances to test but are able to test remotely easily and conveniently. Ensure you are attracting the best possible talent and protecting your own exam investment with online exams and online proctoring.