A Certification is Only Worth the Trust People Place in It

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Does cheating only occur within the higher education spectrum? Professionals feel pressure to do well and gain certifications that will afford them employment or career advancement. It’s hard to believe that working professionals would seek ways to cheat the system, but unfortunately, some do.

When you think professional, the word “doctor” may be one of the many careers that come to mind. However, some of them disregard the expectation to be professional. In 2010, 139 physicians who participated in the Arora Board Review in New Jersey had their status with the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) suspended or revoked. Why? Because they cheated on their board certification exams! What happens when incidents like these continue to occur, but the culprits aren’t caught? Think of the impact that could have on a patient’s life. In some cases, if a patient is left in the care of an unqualified doctor, the patient may even die.

Granted, not all professional certifications have life or death consequences for cheating, but that doesn’t mean they should be taken any less seriously. For most professional certifications, a lot is at stake for all parties to the certification program. A certification is only worth the trust that people place in it. A professional testing or certification entity must uphold the integrity of the certifications they award. The more occurrences like those mentioned above, the less credibility these certifications may end up having. If the integrity and trust placed in certifications is continuously shaken, it not only affects the person cheating on an exam, but also affects those who receive a certification honorably as well as the certifying body as a whole because the value of that certification is diminished.

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