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Industry News & Notes

ProctorU Announces New Partnerships with Innovative Institutions

| In The News

“ProctorU is pleased to announce partnerships with the Arizona State University (ASU), the University of Virginia (UVA) and the Florida Virtual School (FVS). In collaboration with ProctorU, each institution is able to embrace the use of technology to offer their students flexible options in test-taking.”

Online exam proctoring to be offered at Texas State in the fall

| In The News

“University officials plan to offer online exam proctoring services for all online courses through a service provider after running a pilot program in summer courses… ‘(Online) proctoring is very similar to what we do in the classroom nearly every day,” [Debbie Thorne, associate vice president of Academic Affairs at Texas State] said. ‘There’s some type of oversight as the student is taking the exam to make sure they’re only using the materials, if any, that are allowed for the exam.’”

Report: UI students used Chinese companies to cheat online

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“[University of Iowa] officials announced last week that they were investigating possible academic misconduct involving at least 30 students enrolled in online courses. The university had been alerted to the possible cheating through ProctorU, a national proctoring service that provides identity verification for online courses… ProctorU alerted UI that the students may have attempted to cheat by having other people take their exams in one or more courses.”

How an industry helps Chinese students cheat their way into and through U.S. colleges

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“[ProctorU] discovered that students taking online classes had other people take their exams for them, he wrote. ProctorU is able to monitor students through the cameras mounted in the computers used to take the test. In checking the faces of the exam-takers against the identification photos of the legitimate students, ProctorU came to believe that imposters had stepped in for the students. It then alerted the university.”

University of Iowa investigation highlights cheating among tech-savvy students

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“ProctorU, a national proctoring service the [University of Iowa] uses to provide identity verification for several of its online courses, detected “potential irregularities” during an exam. Those irregularities involved discrepancies in verifying the identities of test-takers in one or more exams and — in some cases — multiple courses.”

Claims of Cheating in Online Courses at Iowa

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“The [University of Iowa] uses ProctorU for online exam monitoring, and the company said it has detected several cases of students who may have gotten other people to take exams in their place. ProctorU, like many exam monitoring services, uses identity verification to prevent cheating. The university is investigating the claims.”