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National Distance Learning Week 2017

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National Distance Learning Week 2017 is here! Distance learning is ever growing and increasingly important in today’s scholastic environment. Educational opportunities are becoming available across the world as technology becomes more advanced and more accessible. According to The Changing Landscape of Online Education (CHLOE) 2017 report, there has been a 19 percent increase since 2011… continue reading »

Online Students’ Online Testing Options

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Should students take online courses? Does online learning help students? There are many benefits to online learning, and people continue to further prove the value of and need for it. An increasing number of students are taking the online education route, as shown by recent reports. Even while overall enrollment in higher education decreases, enrollment levels… continue reading »

ProctorU Spotlight: Stephanie Dille

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Today in our ProctorU Spotlight is Chief Marketing Officer Stephanie Dille! Stephanie came aboard ProctorU in the spring of this year. Hi Stephanie! What is your title?  S: Chief Marketing Officer. Where did you grow up? S: I was born in Ohio but have spent most of my life in Minnesota. Where did you attend… continue reading »

ProctorU Cares

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ProctorU cares! In the coming months, ProctorU will be giving back to our local communities in Livermore, Calif., Folsom, Calif., and Birmingham, Ala. So far in Livermore, we are partnering with: Alameda County Food Bank Open Heart Kitchen In Folsom, we will be helping: Sacramento Food Bank California WEAVE Finally, in Birmingham, we will be… continue reading »

Net Neutrality in Jeopardy?

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A renewed interest in the term “net neutrality” has recently taken place. What exactly does this term mean? Definition Net neutrality is a principle coined in a 2003 paper by Columbia University media law professor Tim Wu. It ensures that all ISPs treat all web content equally. Simply put, this means that a consumer can… continue reading »

Scratch Paper and its Effects on Online Exams

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Academic professionals differ about whether scratch paper should be allowed during exams and classwork. While some disciplines believe the presence of scratch paper weakens the integrity of the test, other fields of study believe note paper is critical to the problem-solving process. Advantages to scratch paper might be that it saves time to write out… continue reading »

Tips and Tricks for Online Students’ Success

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College is hard. From the time management, all night study sessions, volume of material and level of difficulty of the information that students must learn, the challenges are unavoidable. Some students also have to simultaneously juggle part- or full-time jobs or taking care of families. Online courses can be a good solution for people whose… continue reading »

Global Accessibility Awareness Day May 2017

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Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)! Recognition of this day began after a blog post by Joe Devon circulated the Internet in November 2011. According to the GAAD website, “the purpose of GAAD is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital (web, software, mobile, etc.) access/inclusion and people with different disabilities.”  … continue reading »

Five Reasons Online Learning Enrollment Rates are Rising

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Enrollment rates in online education classes are still climbing, despite the fact that overall higher education enrollment rates are declining. The Digital Learning Compass: Distance Education Enrollment Report 2017 shows a “year-to-year increase of 226,375 distance education students, a 3.9 percent increase over rates recorded the previous two years.” Why? According to David Daniels, managing… continue reading »