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Is It Time for Accreditors to Raise the Bar in Online Education Standards?

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This article originally appeared in the EDUCAUSE Industry Insights Column. Institutions of higher education protect their reputation with carefully crafted academic integrity policies. This is core to an institution’s mission to encourage the intellectual growth and original thought of their students while prohibiting plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty. With the significant increase in… continue reading »

ProctorU Response to Cheating Scandal

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On March 12th, 2019, the largest case of college admissions fraud in US history was the subject of a federal criminal indictment involving 50 individuals. A college prep organization used bribes, cheating and fraud to improve student ACT/SAT test scores and secure athletic scholarships to gain an unfair advantage for admissions to select prestigious universities…. continue reading »

2018 Integrity and Proctoring Stats - A ProctorU Infographic

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Last year was paramount for ProctorU in protecting the integrity of online education and professional certification programs. From proctoring over 1.4 million exams to preventing more than a million unpermitted resources from entering exams, we’re proud of our role in online learning. As we continue our mission of enhancing online exam and professional certification security,… continue reading »

Online Proctoring and the Evolution of Cheating Infographic

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We’ve seen a lot in the ten years since ProctorU was established as the first live online proctoring service. We’ve learned so much that we wanted to share a few stats about the ever-changing online learning industry and how cheaters have evolved alongside the technological advances. Learn how much online education has grown in the… continue reading »

Top Five Ways Instructors Can Stop Cheating Before It Happens

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Between 2002 and 2015, 68 percent of 71,300 undergraduate students surveyed by the International Center for Academic Integrity admitted to cheating on exams and/or written assignments. Keep in mind, that number only reflects those who admitted to it. So how do you stop cheating before it occurs in your classroom? Here are five great methods… continue reading »

The More You Teach, the More We Learn

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As with any other product or service, we believe it’s essential that we constantly evolve to meet industry standards and our customers’ needs. ProctorU has made enormous progress from when we first originated and a busy exam day consisted of 100 exams. Now, we proctor upwards of 10,000 exams in a single day. With that… continue reading »