Comparison of Proctoring Features and Benefits

Standard Features and Benefits Record Record+ Review+ Live+ Test center
Scheduling and Launch Process
Scheduled or on-demand access 24/7
Session launch with a live proctor    
Multi-factor identity verification
Live test-taker environment security checks to prevent unpermitted resources    
Exam Monitoring
Live proctor monitoring, flagging and intervention      
Active intervention to prevent or stop cheating in the moment      
Professional proctor review of session to catch misconduct post-exam    
Artificial intelligence-based behavior analysis – actions & behaviors monitored and flagged when suspicious
End-to-end video recording of each test-taker’s webcam & screen
Admins can watch sessions in real time
Real-time incident notifications available
Incident reporting within 24 hours      
Incident reporting within 72 hours    
Time-stamped video events for review
Exam analytics dashboard    
Monthly analytics reports    
For Test Administrators
Guided exam setup process
Administrator-controlled exam settings
Enhanced exam process and proctor training customization
Value Added Services
Dedicated account team for admins
Free 24/7 technical support
Unmatched scalability
Test-taker satisfaction guarantee
99.9% uptime guarantee
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