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Published: January 7, 2014 | Category: Latest News

NSA raises questions about Internet privacy, online proctoring providers cite FERPA compliance

Recent revelations about the U.S. government’s domestic phone spying program have been dominating the coverage from major media outlets. A secret court, known as FISA or Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, issued the order on April 25, 2013. The order  grants the federal government, through the National Security Agency (NSA), access […]

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Published: December 31, 2013 | Category: Latest News

Tracking the growth in distance education

In April 2013, the Instructional Technology Council (ITC) released it’s 2012 Distance Education Survey, which highlighted numerous positives for distance learning. While the survey does highlight a slight decrease from previous years, distance learners still remain at the top of overall enrollment. The survey tracked data from fall 2011 to fall 2012 […]

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Published: December 17, 2013 | Category: Latest News

Online testing industry matures as leaders formulate standards

As online education continues to experience unheralded growth and popularity, many groups have begun to develop standards and best practices for the emerging technology. In collaboration with the Sloan Consortium, ProctorU also set out to obtain information regarding current industry practices in an effort to build a solid foundation for […]

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Published: December 10, 2013 | Category: Latest News

Should smartwatches be banned during exams?

Classrooms have never been immune to emerging technologies, specifically electronic devices. Many classrooms now embrace the computer, which was once thought of as only having practical use in the government or corporate sectors. With each new technology, however, a fraction of students will always use them for iniquitous purposes. Institutions […]

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